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The Evolution from Anger to Spiritual Activism
Activism Burnout and Back Again
Activist, Baby, I Was Born This Way
Aung Myo Min Photo Gallery: Dance Performance, Transgender in Burma 2014
Guided Contemplation- Unity Consciousness
The Fourth Way, Philosophy of Gurdjieff
The Gurdjieff Movements
Lovingkindness Guided Meditation Playlist
Aung Myo Min Video Excerpt
Aung Myo Min Lends Support to Transgenders Violated in Mandalay

The Evolution from Anger to Spiritual Activism


Photo Credit: Third Eye Arts

This post about my evolution to spiritual activism is the third in a three part series. You can read part one here and part two here:

In 1998 I discovered Yoga, Buddhism and Meditation. Over time, they became my self-care and then my spiritual practices.

Buddhism began to transform the way I saw the world, other people and myself. Compassion became a major intention in my life– along with concepts like interconnection and non-attachment. My relationship to activism began to shift.

My desire for change began to come from a place of love and compassion instead of anger and judgement.

I still ache to heal our world.

But I’ve discovered another way to to go about activism, what I call Pro-Activism, commonly called Spiritual Activism or Engaged Buddhism. Read More

Activism Burnout and Back Again

Scan_Pic0043In my first post I described how I was born and raised in Activism.

My early years as an activist, I was what some may call a pretty ‘hard core”. The stereotypical “angry activist”.

I had alot of anger as a result of my less than perfect childhood.

In those early days I hadn’t yet realized where this anger was rooted and I used my activism to channel my rage. Read More

Activist, Baby, I Was Born This Way


My Mom getting Political


I was raised by a single Mom, until age 14 when I left home.

She was a feminist, humanitarian, writer, independent thinker and activist– so I came by my activist nature honestly.

It was a common event in my home to have groups of her engaged friends sitting around the kitchen table, passionately discussing current affairs or injustices and hatching plans to raise awareness.

My mother had no trouble speaking her mind, rocking the boat, or standing up for herself or others who could not. So, naturally, she raised her daughters the same way.

My childhood is full of stories of me defending the underdog or being sent to the office for asking too many questions of my teachers.

As I grew older, the injustices of the world entered my radar and I took certain causes to heart. As an empath, I felt others’ pain very deeply and tried to use my scrappy nature to help.

My earliest protests were often solo. Read More

Aung Myo Min Photo Gallery: Dance Performance, Transgender in Burma 2014

Aung Myo Min Photo Gallery

Photos of Aung Myo Min preparing for a dance performance, transgenders, interview with documentary filmmaker Jeanne Marie Hallacy in Burma 2014. Photoshoot in conjunction with a documentary film by Jeanne called This Kind of Love about Aung Myo Min and his human rights work with children and LGBTQ.


Guided Contemplation- Unity Consciousness

 Practice Unity Consciousness Contemplation with Nyk Danu

In the video linked below (filmed at an Evolver Event in Canada) Nyk Danu walks you through a guided contemplation designed to evoke unity consciousness. She also shares a couple of easy tips to bring you out of separation and anger, and back into love and compassion in the moment.

(To skip the Introduction and go directly to the guided practice, start at about 3:25.)


Other posts by Nyk Danu:

“A Rebel’s Road to Meditation” 

“Activist, Baby I Was Born this Way”

“Evolution from Anger to Spiritual Activism”




The Fourth Way, Philosophy of Gurdjieff

Guest Post by Molly Knight Forde

mr g diagramMany profound and life changing moments of my life have occurred at meditation retreats centered around The Fourth Way. These methods spun out of the idea that we can work “in the world” as opposed to retreating from the world.

It is called the Fourth Way because it is not just the way of the Fakir, transformation through the body, nor the Monk who uses prayer and contemplation of the Heart, nor the Yogi who practices the Stilling of the Mind.

The Fourth Way combines all three methods through various means to be done in everyday life.

“It has no specific forms or institutions and comes and goes controlled by some particular laws of its own.” G. I. Gurdjieff

Read More

The Gurdjieff Movements

Guest Post by Molly Knight Forde

imageThe first time I was exposed to The Gurdjieff Movements I was transported to another time and place, perhaps even another dimension. The combination of gestures and music created a sense of deep reverence in me for all things spiritual.  I could hardly believe something so profound existed and that I was part of a lineage just by being in the room.  I could feel the transmission of something rather inexplicable.

The irony of this is that my first exposure was not as a participant in the class but as the pianist. I had an infant on my back, was new in town and had been hired by a friend to play for the class.  I did not know what I was in for and my friend was unaware that I had been an avid participant in a Zen Dojo, meditating daily for 9 years.

The second irony is that I had been living in Paris where Gurdjieff had lived for many years, choreographed some of his best movements, and where many “Work” groups had formed. Read More

Lovingkindness Guided Meditation Playlist

A Lovingkindness Guided Meditation playlist of 3 parts.

Practice deepens with each part. High quality, live recording made in San Francisco, 2013
Lovingkindness is a heart-centered practice that is originates from the Buddhist tradition. In this practice, the focus is on emotions and the feelings that coincide with them.


We imagine different people and wish them well, beginning with ourselves.


  • At first the practice might feel contrived, naive, or saccharin-sweet. However, the deeper experience of practice is quite different than the surface and the words we say to ourselves as we practice.
  • You might feel your heart swell with emotion or you may feel nothing at all. Both are normal.

Keep in mind that you aren’t doing anything supernatural and that you’re ultimately not trying to affect others. The only person we can change is ourselves. Therefore, this practice is really about learning more about our deeper feelings, gaining insight into our emotional patterns and self-healing.


Aung Myo Min Video Excerpt


Aung Myo Min Video Excerpt

Documentary Filmmaker Jeanne Marie Hallacy has a quick chat with human rights activist and artist Aung Myo Min before his dance performance for a promotional shoot in Mandalay, June, 2014. He talks about the dance he’ll perform and his students, whom he affectionately calls his “sons.”


Aung Myo Min Lends Support to Transgenders Violated in Mandalay

 Aung Myo Min Makes Video Lending Support to Transgenders

Aung Myo Min Lends Support to transponders who suffered human rights violated by police in Mandalay. This video was shot in Mandalay, June 2014.


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