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“Training the Wisdom Body,” Meditative Movement with Rose Taylor Goldfield
Practice Tibetan Yoga Exercise: Mind-Body Reboot, Rose Taylor Goldfield
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“Training the Wisdom Body,” Meditative Movement with Rose Taylor Goldfield

Training the Wisdom Body Cover--original

This interview is the first of a 3 part series.

This first part shines light on Meditative Movement as taught by Rose Taylor-Goldfield in her brilliant book Training the Wisdom Body: Buddhist Yogic Exercise. That’s Rose above in the cover photo. The “Dancing Warrior” stance she’s demonstrating is explored in greater detail below.

This book will help enlighten even the earliest explorations of physical yoga and meditation. It’s also great for teachers, or anyone who takes on the challenge of talking about the practical and psychological as one. The integration of breath, movement and mind is so natural and clear in Rose’s explanation.

I interviewed Rose in her home, looking out upon the San Francisco cityscape on a sunny early-Springtime day. We talked about her Buddhist background, her teachers, this special type of Tibetan Buddhist exercise, the ideas grounding it and the Wisdom Sun community she co-directs with her husband Ari.

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Practice Tibetan Yoga Exercise: Mind-Body Reboot, Rose Taylor Goldfield

Shake tension out of your body and refresh your mind with Rose in this Tibetan Yoga Exercise known as the Mind-Body Reboot.


This practice is based upon the  form of Tibetan Yoga Exercise known as Lu Jong. In this exercise, we rotate around the 4 energy centers of the body: the origin point (below the navel), the heart, throat and crown centers of the body. By rotating, we loosen physical and emotional energy in the body. Then we shake it out to release excess tension. This allows us to feel more alert but also more relaxed.

More about Rose and Tibetan Meditative Movement: See Interview with Rose, Part 1.

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