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Heart Stories: Interview with Rose Taylor Goldfield, Part 3

Heart Stories: Interview with Rose Taylor Goldfield, Part 3

This interview with Rose Taylor Goldfield is the last of a 3 part series.

(I interviewed Rose in her home, looking out a large window at the San Francisco cityscape on a sunny early-Springtime day. We talked about her Buddhist background, her teachers, this special type of Tibetan Buddhist exercise, the ideas grounding it and the “Wisdom Sun” community she co-directs with her husband Ari….)

Training the Wisdom Body Cover--originalThe first interview focused on the body. We shined light on Meditative Movement as taught by Rose Taylor-Goldfield in her brilliant book “Training the Wisdom Body: Buddhist Yogic Exercise.” (That’s Rose above in the cover photo. ) We looked at the practical side of the exercises and with the last 3 questions, got to know Rose a little better as a person.

In Part 2, we tapped into the energy in Buddhist Yoga as practiced by Rose. The meditative experience of the physical practices and the theory behind the “how to” instruction. What feelings and realities do we uncover while practicing the forms and how do we join with them authentically and in the moment?

In Part 3, below we enjoy the heart of practice as Rose tells us stories from her life, work and study with her teacher Khenpo Rinpoche and her husband Ari Goldfield.

The Interview, Part 3:

TINA: You say in the book that you were with your mother at the time you met your “Heart Teacher” as well as your “Heart Companion”….Can you tell us more about this?

ROSE: Yes. My mother is also a Buddhist practitioner and people ask me, “Who was Buddhist first, your mom or you?” She started meditating and studying Buddhism before I was born. We’ve been to many Buddhist programs and retreats together over the years and once we even lived in a tent together for 3 months on retreat in the Rocky Mountains.

In 2002, I was studying at Naropa University in Colorado and during the summer break I went to stay at my mother’s in Cornwall, England. The Shambhala center in London was hosting Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and I was asked to be “head of the household,” to help host him.

I asked my mother, “Why don’t you come, too?” So, we both went and helped host Khenpo Rinpoche and Ari Goldfield (his translator and secretary who traveled everywhere with him) in this big beautiful house with a garden in London. It turned out to be a very special weekend for both of us. She’s my mother but also my spiritual friend and we’ve shared a lot together in the Buddhadharma. We’ve experienced a lot of depth and profundity in our relationship.

TINA: That’s so lovely. And, so then you met your “Heart Companion,” your husband Ari…… Read More

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