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Lovingkindness Guided Meditation Playlist

Lovingkindness Guided Meditation Playlist

A Lovingkindness Guided Meditation playlist of 3 parts.

Practice deepens with each part. High quality, live recording made in San Francisco, 2013
Lovingkindness is a heart-centered practice that is originates from the Buddhist tradition. In this practice, the focus is on emotions and the feelings that coincide with them.


We imagine different people and wish them well, beginning with ourselves.


  • At first the practice might feel contrived, naive, or saccharin-sweet. However, the deeper experience of practice is quite different than the surface and the words we say to ourselves as we practice.
  • You might feel your heart swell with emotion or you may feel nothing at all. Both are normal.

Keep in mind that you aren’t doing anything supernatural and that you’re ultimately not trying to affect others. The only person we can change is ourselves. Therefore, this practice is really about learning more about our deeper feelings, gaining insight into our emotional patterns and self-healing.


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