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The Gurdjieff Movements

The Gurdjieff Movements

Guest Post by Molly Knight Forde

imageThe first time I was exposed to The Gurdjieff Movements I was transported to another time and place, perhaps even another dimension. The combination of gestures and music created a sense of deep reverence in me for all things spiritual.  I could hardly believe something so profound existed and that I was part of a lineage just by being in the room.  I could feel the transmission of something rather inexplicable.

The irony of this is that my first exposure was not as a participant in the class but as the pianist. I had an infant on my back, was new in town and had been hired by a friend to play for the class.  I did not know what I was in for and my friend was unaware that I had been an avid participant in a Zen Dojo, meditating daily for 9 years.

The second irony is that I had been living in Paris where Gurdjieff had lived for many years, choreographed some of his best movements, and where many “Work” groups had formed. Read More

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