Welcome to the Meditation for Non-Meditators: (Forever) Beginners’ Blog.


The title’s a mouthful. What’s it about?

We’re not trying to invent anything new here. We’re watching a new world of meditation practitioners and a rapidly evolving culture of practice.

We wonder where the road leads.

We’re making this a place to explore the now rather than teach a single tradition. You’ll find many colors of tradition here.

Get ready for smart, lively and creative content about modern meditation and mindful living.

We launched in April, 2014.

We’re glad you’re here.  You’re welcome to hop on for the ride.

Show up and enjoy our posts. And share them liberally!

Be generous with your creativity and toot your own horn.  Submit your work in the format of your choice.

Who are we?

Tina Foster Founder & Creator

Tina Foster, Founder, Creator, Editor & Author

Rachel Vrana, Graphic & Web Design

Rachel Vrana, Graphic & Web Design

Patrick Ryan ,Attorney  Consultant for Intellectual Property & Copyright Issues

Patrick Ryan, Intellectual Property & Copyright

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Rose Taylor-Goldfield

Rose Taylor-Goldfield

Jeannie Marie Hallacy

Jeannie Marie Hallacy

Molly Knight Ford

Molly Knight – Ford

Nyk Danu

Nyk Danu

Email us anytime: info@meditationfornonmeditators.com

 This will be a place:

  • not associated with any particular tradition or methodology
  • that’s inviting to newer practitioners
  • that also engages people who’ve been practicing for longer periods of time
  • that mirrors the current modern meditation world its ever-evolving diversity and richness

Basically, it’s the meditation website we’ve been longing for but could never find. 

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Email: info@meditationfornonmeditators.com

Submit your work: submit@meditationfornonmeditators.com


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