BONUS Material

Module 4 BONUS:


Self-Forgivenss Meditation
Jack Kornfield

The primary teacher on the 10 day silent retreat I’ve referred to in LK 2.0, and a huge influence on me and so many others, including other teachers of mine. Jack was a monk in Burma and decided he was meant to bring what he’d learned to laypeople. He’s one of the founders of Wisdom 2.0, the Founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin, and so much more. Jack is a tireless mover and shaker.

I must also recommend his books, all of them, but especially his first two, A Path with Heart and After the Ecstasy, the Laundry as well as a more recent book, The Wise Heart.




Emotional Intelligence in 5 Minutes
Daniel Goleman



The Neuroscience of Fear
Kerry Ressler



Module 3 BONUS:

Compassion as Radicalism of Our Time
Roshi Joan Halifax

“Let me introduce you to the faces of resilience…”

A passionate motivational talk by Roshi Joan Halifax about how Compassion, in today’s world. is a Radical form of Action. Roshi Joan Halifax is a woman with a truly compelling background, who spent her life engaging in different kinds of radical actions, and is now, as a Zen Buddhist nun more radical than ever.



Module 2 BONUSES:

I consider LK 2.0 a type of Hero’s Journey. The meditative and contemplative practices we’re working with take us through the phases of the Hero’s Journey cycle.

Also, these heart/ emotion-centered practices nurture the heroic parts of ourselves: building courage, boosting self-esteem, sharpening intuition, self-trust, empathy and compassion, showing up to do the work, inspiring leadership, innovation and the vision to make one’s world a more productive place for everyone.

What Makes a Hero? About Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey
Matthew Winkler

Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, from The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell


Module 1 BONUS

Compassion & Neuroscience
Dr. Richard Davidson

I’ve been following Dr. Davidson for a long time as he’s almost singlehandedly done all the science related to compassion. You likely know him as well.

This talk is by far THE BEST talk I’ve ever seen him give.

Perhaps partly because he’s had so much experience giving these talks over numerous decades. What is more significant, I think, is that he’s sharing the newest science in the field of Compassion Studies and Neuroscience.

He covers topics you’ve heard of, such as neuroplasticity, and perhaps some that are new to you– as they are fairly new to science as well.

Did you know your genes had volume knobs?

What about those bi-directional highways between mind and body? They’re roads well travelled in your body. Do you know about them?

And there’s more.


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