The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras– Relaunching soon

A 21 day exploration of your energy body through the practice of mudra hand postures.
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the secret Life of the body-FB post-5The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras is a 21 day digital course and companion to The Secret Life of the Body Mudra Card Deck created by Tina Foster.
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What kind of course is The Secret Life of the Body : Mudras? The Secret Life of the Body explores the energy body through the perspectives of traditional yoga and modern Western science. Mudra are the learning tool in this course as well as a physical inroad into the energy body.

Hasta Mudra hand postures will help you dive into the energy body.

What is Hasta Mudra? Hasta Mudra is basically yoga posture practice for the hands.

Yes, mudras make your hands stronger and more flexible, but just like all yoga postures, mudras can benefit your body on the deepest levels– if you know how to use them.

“Hasta” means “hand gesture” and mudra means “seal” or “lock”.

Ever noticed after vigorous movement all the pulsation coming from your hands? That’s the electromagnetic energy that your movement generated. The pulsation in the hands is that energy pouring out the body. The hands are one of the parts of the body through which energy can be quickly released. By joining the fingers and hands in different ways, we can prevent the energy from “leaking out” so to speak, and redirect that energy back into the body.

In The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras, you’ll learn the scientific way of explaining this phenomenon as well as other information about how various mudras work, how they have different effects and how they can help you heal as well as navigate your everyday life.

What is the energy body?

Your energy body is pretty much everything in your body except the muscles, bones, skin and organs.

Everything in the body– including muscles, bones, skin and organs– function only because the energy body is functioning.

The muscles, bones and skin are a part of the “gross” body, which is the material, most obvious, more superficial layer of the body.

The nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system– all your body’s functioning systems — are a part of the energy body. Another term for the energy body is the “subtle body” because it’s non-material, less obvious and deeper.

The first yogis thousands of years ago came to know a lot about the functioning of the energy body, because they spent so much time exploring the body through an array of physical and meditative practices.

We’ll utilize those same practices throughout The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras.

What you’ll have the chance to do in The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras course-
  • learn more than 30 mudras
  • receive well considered guided experimentation and prompts for your own experimentation
  • learn through doing, through first hand experience, about the mudra system and the energetic layer of the body
  • share your experiences with others in the group, if you wish
In The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras, you’ll be offered a new exploration each day for 21 days. And you’ll have choices.
  • Each day, you’ll be able to choose your mudra– a new one each day or just one mudra the whole 21 days. How many mudras you explore in this 21 days is up to you.
  • The Five Elements, the Chakra System, Meditation and Pranayama (exploration of energy as breath) will also be available to enhance your understanding of the secret life of mudras.
  • There also will be ample opportunity to get creative– through photography, journalling, whatever medium you choose, to help you learn through imagination and sharing with others.
  • You’ll also begin to notice what you’re learning and practicing within your Inner Body coming to life and winking at you in your outer world!
  • You’ll be dazzled by the forces at work inside you, surrounding and supporting you as a part of the integrated universe.
Also, in The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras, you’ll also have a database at your disposal. An energy body treasure trove.
  • More than 30 mudras, with photos, how to practice them, what they’re good for
  • Information about the 5 Elements that make up your body
  • Information about the 7 Chakras that symbolize the energetic functioning of your body
  • Meditation and Pranayama techniques to combine with your mudra practice as you see fit

You’ll be guided in the creation of your own multi-layered practice using the content this database.

You’ll be learning to practice Inner Body Alchemy using your own body as laboratory. Just as it has been practiced by countless numbers of yogis for centuries.

And you’ll also learn more about how these practices connect various parts of your body with your brain and other organs, to really understand how these practices work.

” I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring mudras over the last 21 days. Thank you Tina for creating a challenging yet approachable introduction. I look forward to joining you in future Secret Life of the Body courses. I now plan to incorporate mudras into my regular practice. Again, thank you Tina, such an enriching course.” — Stephanie Hanson @spiritartlife

Use mudras will be the tool to tap into your energy. Learn through instruction as well as experience/ practice. Audio meditations, meditative exercises, inner body inquiries, pranayama and other practices are a part of this exploratory journey that moves through the Five Elements, the Vayus, the Nadis and Chakras of the Body.

You’ll have the chance to practice at least 1 mudra per day in addition to other exercises and you’ll learn a lot about the SCIENCE behind your work.

A rare chance to really learn about — and connect with– the subtlest layers your body and mind. Practice is key. Our subtlest layers can only be really understood through experience and practice.

IMG_9826 (1)
YOGA TEACHERS, these courses uncover the deepest, most compelling heart of your work. Postures are your pages, energy is your poetry.

Only teach Asana (postures)?

No problem. This material will enliven your teaching of postures.

Without the energy body, the muscles and bones don’t move.

Or feel sensation.

Or get stronger.

Yet, the energy body is often brushed over in a day or two of teacher training. If that.

Once you have your own understanding of the energy body, your teaching of is beyond “put your right hand here, put your left foot there, now twist on the exhale…”

Your students experience themselves as more than form and movement.

They become feeling– and understand intellectually what any given feeling actually is.

Yet, they also are manifesting and meeting at once the mystery of who they are.

From Kate Alexandra, a yoga teacher/ mother in Australia…
Fantastic course. Just meets me right on the path I’m on. Tina, I do believe the teacher appears as the student is ready.  I had extraordinary difficulty holding Akash mudra [ether/space mudra] which physiologically seemed within reach, yet my fingers bounced about like magnets repelling, my knuckles jerked and locked. This was so very curious to me, I have spent weeks working with this single mudra whilst meditating on my relationship to S_P_A_C_E. Tina, you noted as that as a mum of young children, it makes total sense that this element would be out of balance for me. Feeling grateful to have encountered your work at this time…. And that you’re so savvy to be offering it online.. ” —

COACHES, therapists, psychologists, wellness practitioners, and spiritual teachers of any kind:

The Secret lIfe of the Body courses, beginning with this first one using mudra, will  both reinforce and enhance the tools you’re already sharing with your clients.

You likely know the energy body well…

But perhaps you’re not as familiar with the yoga theory version…

or you know yoga energy theory well, but need a refresher…

or maybe it’s mudras you’re less familiar with.

Our hands are more than tools for holding, working, loving and fighting.

Mudras allow the hands to be even more of a conduit for inner beauty, creativity and insight.

Ready to learn more about your body’s secret life?

You’ll leave The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras with a clear sense of how to use mudras in meditation, yoga postures, other modes of exercise, relaxation, to assist in healing.

You’ll understand how to use mudras in everyday life to help shift your energy and mindset back to a more smooth, stable, sensible mode.

You always have your hands. Why not learn how to unlock a deeper layer of their power?

Mudras have existed through thousands of years for a reason.

Mudras are practical tools, easy and accessible to practice.

Mudras also reflect the experimentation and experience of some of the greatest spiritual masters.

All the yoga tradition knows about creating and directing energy through mind and body has been revealed through dedicated and deep practice.

Be prepared to discover that you are much, much more than you’ll ever know.

Just a few more words about Tina and The Secret Life of the Body…
I’m so happy to have the opportunity to be connected with you. Your work is so amazing and I’m enjoying the mudra experience so much!!! Thank you so much for creating this course.” — Jenny Dunham,

Practice is key. You’ll actually RETAIN what you learn because the instruction occurs right alongside experience through practice. Pranayama, guided audio meditations, inner body inquiries, visual explorations and more. This course is chock full of information and the invitation to explore to your heart”s and hand’s content!

Questions? Email Tina.

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