The Yoga Nidra Virtual Experience

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Why Yoga Nidra?
  • Simple. After decades of practicing Yoga Nidra + years of teaching it, I can no longer ignore how powerful it is as a tool. 
  • It’s the #1 offering my clients ask for.
  • Our modern world triggers “fight-or-flight” reactions in our bodies, even when there’s no threat.
  • The “no pain, no gain” rule for growth and success does not apply to Yoga Nidra. You gain more than you realize, and without any struggle whatsoever.
  • It’s way easier than meditation, and maybe even more potent.
  • The benefits are 100% real, yet you pinch yourself because it all seems to be too easy.
What Yoga Nidra Does
  • Takes you into “conscious sleep”
  • Establishes an extended period of alpha and theta brainwaves
  • Allows the subconscious to relax and open
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Rewires the brain
  • Allows you to drop your intentions into the fertile “soft soil” of your subconscious where they can easily grow.

So, what’s the Yoga Nidra Virtual Experience ?

     A Four Week Journey. Part class. Part self-guided exploration.
     Beginning anytime you’re ready. The course ends 4 weeks later.
Learn about and practice Yoga Nidra at home, work, WHEREVER and WHENEVER you want. Audios and other practice tools are yours to keep.


Here’s what you’ll get:
      • An email each Sunday with an introduction to the week’s work
      • A brief lesson about Yoga Nidra– what it is, why it works, its history and how to practice skillfully and confidently– in audio and text form
      • A different Yoga Nidra Practice Audio each week– each one designed for a different use– such as before sleep, during a work break and general use
      • Worksheets, journalling prompts, audios and lots of visual aids that you can keep.
      • Your freedom– to travel, be with family, enjoy your summer– as this program can be done ANYWHERE, and ANY TIME. The dates for the course indicate when the resources will arrive in your inbox, where they’ll wait for you until you’re ready to dive in.

You’ll have the chance to share your experiences with me via email, and even with your fellow participants if you like, in a private space for comments. Or hold your experience close to your heart by keeping it to yourself, as a sacred, private treat.

Here’s what participants are saying about the Yoga Nidra Virtual Experience:

mel valentine mugshot

“My first time EVER to try Yoga Nidra was before bed on the first night of The Yoga Nidra Virtual Experience. I had no idea what to expect. I played the 20 minute practice audio once and by the end, was so relaxed I didn’t want to move. I fell asleep within a few minutes and rested better that night than I have in months.”Melissa Valentine, Personal Effectiveness and Well-Being Coach,

“I am doing the Yoga Nidra Virtual Experience with Tina Foster and I am totally loving it. Although I am falling asleep all the time I wake up relaxed and energized. And I found it a good way to calm down after nerve wrecking or over-stimmulating experiences. I had a strange back pain and immobility due to tight muscles and it eased after the first time of practising and is gone by now. My body and mind are totally happy with this new practise.” — original post to Instagram by Corinna Jager,



You’ll gain your own sense of:
  • the stages of Yoga Nidra and why they work
  • the correlations between Yoga Nidra, modern psychology and neuroscience.
  • the science behind why the subconscious learns faster and remembers more than the intellect.
  • beyond accelerated learning, how your intuition is sharpened by entering “theta” states.
  • why 1 hour of Yoga Nidra is as powerful as 4 hours of regular sleep.
  • the differences between Yoga Nidra, hypnosis and meditation.
  • how influential thinkers and leaders such as Napoleon, Einstein and Goethe used these techniques to be the best in their fields.

You’ll learn about customizing the practice to your own unique needs as well as sharing it with others, including your children.


This course was deliberately designed to be done anywhere, anytime.

There are no calls, deadlines or appointments.

Dive into the work when you’re good and ready!


What’s the Time Investment?

Some learning experiences need to be challenging, maybe even cathartic.

Not this one. The Yoga Nidra Virtual Experience is about gaining a lot by investing a little.

You already lead a rushed life. You already have too much to do. This is why you need Yoga Nidra, to feel less exhausted and to reconnect with that vital force inside you that knows how to flourish.

So, this course will feel light and easy. Supportive, waiting for you in your inbox.

  • The practice audios range from 20-40 minutes in length. (They’ll feel way shorter because Yoga Nidra removes your sense of linear time passage.)
  • The lessons will be easy and will take 10-20 minutes to read or listen to.
  • The worksheets and journalling prompts are simple and fun to do. 

People cannot resist the ease and pleasure of Yoga Nidra practice:

“I loved practicing Yoga Nidra last night. It felt like my brain was being tickled. Tina has a very soothing voice. I became very relaxed. It was wonderful.  I look forward to doing it again tonight.” Susan Benson, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

“The value I got from this training was immense, more than I’ll ever totally know. My experience was deep, highly focused. I’m fascinated by how negative attitudes and bad habits that I previously couldn’t shake just began to fall away, and how quickly new intentions began to bear fruit.” Karen Sullivan, San Francisco

Yoga Nidra is so easy to practice, people with zero yoga or meditation skills drop right in the very first time they try it.
At times when you’re practicing Yoga Nidra, you don’t even know it! Yet, the practice is still totally effective.


Trying something that sounds too good to be true is always a treat– like a trip to Lalaland!

savasana hand
Yoga Nidra is basically the practice of going to your Inner Lalaland, a secret gestation station where all your magic is made.
Scientists say that your brain is a hologram of the Universe.
So, your body is your spaceship. It can take you anywhere. Anywhere. Outside, and yes, inside.
Here’s to the most potent form of self-care the Universe has to offer– Yoga Nidra (in my not so humble opinion, after all, I know a thing or two about relaxation)…
And here’s to learning it your way, in your time, wherever you want or need to practice and to learn.

One more, from a woman who juggles the roles of entrepreneurship and the mother of several children:

“I’ve been blown away by how powerful the Week One Yoga Nidra audio is. Wow! My husband has been majorly stressed this week with work things and I’ve been having him listen after his hot shower and he said he feels amazing. Can’t wait for Week Two and feeling so blessed to be connecting with you!” — Jenny Dunham, co-founder of

All aboard the Yogic Sleep Train! I truly hope you’ll take this journey with us.


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