The (Forever) Beginner’s Meditation Companion

The (Forever) Beginner’s Meditation Companion

the 2nd book in the Meditation for Non-Meditators book series by Tina Foster 
 “Meditation is like a simple seed. But once cracked open, it spills out in raw, untranslated form all the core teachings and techniques of the great wisdom traditions.”
–excerpt from The (Forever) Beginner’s Meditation Companion


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Edited by Shiwani Srivastava

Read through chronologically in about an hour or use it as a handy reference

Available on Kindle and other digital formats, .pdf and paperback

You’ve tried meditation, or think about trying. Either way, you’re hearing a lot about meditation these days. You know, or at least have a hunch, that meditation is popular for good reason.

You practice, but have questions. What’s really going on when you meditate– beyond watching random thoughts and feelings swirl around in your head?

Or, you’re a seasoned practitioner, teacher or guide. Your understanding of meditation needs to be clear, visual, concrete and everyday-familiar.


shiwani-srivastava“As Tina’s editor and longtime yoga student, I have to say I was delightfully surprised by how much I learned while editing this book. In particular, I found myself thinking completely differently about certain concepts we hear so often, we tend to take them for granted … quieting our minds, finding empty spaces in our lives (literally and figuratively), and making time to practice. Tina uses unexpected metaphors beautifully to explain these concepts in a concrete way, making them tangible realities that feel a little easier to incorporate into our daily, busy lives. An easy, breezy read that still manages to cover the weighty, sometimes abstract concepts that go along with meditation.”
– Shiwani Srivastava, Writer, Editor, Content Strategist
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This book covers practice from the first session all the way to Nirvana. And more. Exactly how to begin, how to know you’re progressing. How to deal with a host of distractions. What to do when a practice seems to go badly. What to do when you feel like you don’t have time to practice or when you’re experiencing a challenging life change.

The (Forever) Beginner’s Meditation Companion helps you design a practice that is as unique as you are, that will grow alongside you, be your roadmap, toolbox and companion.

Tova Payne“There are ideas in this book that are really innovative, ideas being expressed in a way I’ve never heard before. Creative people will really love this book, how it shows the reader that journaling is a way of mapping a path and how it clearly explains esoteric concepts like Nirvana. I love its way of being real, acknowledging skepticism  and what meditation really is beyond the hype.”  
-Tova Payne, Author, Business Coach
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illustrationWho is this book for?
  • Anyone looking to understand more about their inner world and actually find the calm and quiet that meditation is so famous for bringing.
  • Anyone looking to both deepen and simplify their practice.
  • Anyone who feels that meditation shouldn’t be just another challenge, something on the to-do list or another way to try to perform well.
What you will NOT learn from this book:
  • How to keep your practice intact by barricading it from change and impact from the real world
  • How to learn meditation according to classical traditions, such as Buddhist, Christian or Sufi. Meditation is covered in this book as a technique, not a belief system. This book is about meditation in pure form–where all philosophies and traditions overlap or are part of a whole– but also where no philosophy or tradition is necessary. 
Choose your format. Available in paperback or choose Kindle, ePub or .pdf to start reading now.
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Why I wrote this book and why you should read it:

IMG_0136 - Version 3It’s a clear distillation of all the conversations I find myself having with practitioners over and over again. It’s the book I wish I’d had starting out, and one I would’ve continually turned to for guidance over the years.

Thanks for your interest. So many inner adventures await you!

fosterandflo_smooth-2Tina Foster, Author of The (Forever) Beginner’s Meditation Companion

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