Interview with Lolly Galvin of Dignity Project


Lolly Galvin of Dignity Project

I became acquainted with Lolly Galvin of Dignity Project when she signed up for a free heart centered meditation course I was doing online.
Lolly is basically living out the principles of that course in her life. She went on to create The Dignity Project, basically on a lark. The Dignity Project has literally been an overnight success since Lolly had the first idea for it just a couple of months ago. She tells the story below.
She’s been taking homeless people to dinner, passing out Dignity Bags (bags of essentials like deodorant and nail clippers, tampons for women).
What is especially amazing is that every bit of the money from Dignity Project’s crowd funding goes to the homeless.
13116784_1739074099696869_117688819_nThe lesson Lolly and Dignity Project live out every day is that we get these great ideas about how we can change the world, and then we think that our idea is too naïve to idealistic and say it will never work. Lolly is proving that sometimes idealism is real and even practical. Go Lolly!!!
Head over to her Instagram and follow her. And donate to Dignity Project! Five dollars buys a homeless person at dignity bag .
It’s exciting to watch her project grow so rapidly. She records the giving, so you know where the money is going. Who knows how far she could go? Again, here’s her page with all the info about her project.

12328110_511626682366597_222869205_n-300x300Tina: Tell us the story of how the Dignity Project got started. 

Lolly: The Dignity Project actually started when I discovered the live stream app called periscope.  I was sitting in my living room, messing around with it and did a broadcast. I used the app to ask strangers to donate to my gofundme with a goal of $500, and reached that goal in 3 days.


Lolly’s first random act- taking Tom to dinner

My first act was to take a homeless man to lunch, which I shared on my private social media pages as well.  Everyone really loved his story and it just kind of went from there.  I decided if I got to $2,000, I would introduce the idea of a US “tour” to give.  We’ve now passed the goal of $10,000 and I’ll be leaving on May 11th.

Tina: I never tire of hearing that story. I love how you just went for it, knowing you had nothing to lose, that you didn’t talk yourself out of trying.

What would you say has become the core message of Dignity Project?

Lolly: Homeless people have nothing, and yet they have so much to teach us.  My core message is to spend some time connecting to people who are outside of your comfort zone.  Give yourself, your time, your energy and it will be returned tenfold.  You’ll also naturally inspire others to do the same.


Tina: Your tour begins in a day. What will you be doing in each city you visit?

Lolly: The van company I’m renting form had some problems with my rental so the trip had to be shortened by 3 days.  This may not sound like a lot, but its pretty tightly packed so some adjustments had to be made. Dates may slightly change as you never know what could happen, but I’ll always keep everyone updated….

Get ready for the tour of humans helping humans. A true first of its kind.  I’m asking YOU to join me in your city for a day of giving and lots of fun!

Get ready for the tour of humans helping humans. A true first of its kind. I’m asking YOU to join me in your city for a day of giving and lots of fun! 

Tina: Then, three questions I ask everyone I interview….

First question. What never fails to make you smile? 

Lolly: People. Their ability and intrinsic want to do good and help others.  And farmers markets.  I really like farmers markets and smile the entire time I’m at one.

Second question. What breaks your heart?

People who are hardened and cynical.  I wish everyone could see how great it is out there in this world, but for many people it’s just not possible at this time.  There are people who have these views that the world is this terrible place, or that homeless people deserve nothing, and to me that comes from pain of their own.  That is pretty heartbreaking.


“We are all in this together.”

Last one. If you could send a message to everyone in the world at once, and everyone would not only understand but be completely influenced by your message – – instantly – – what would you say?

Lolly: We are in this together. That’s it.  Everything else is an illusion.

We’re not a label, we’re not borders, we’re not anything else besides human.  Fear can blind you to this reality, so I say conquer those fears by learning about everything and everyone. Love comes easy this way.

 We are in this together. That’s it. Everything else is an illusion.

Tina: Thank you so much, Lolly. Godspeed on this tour. xo

Follow Lolly Galvin’s Dignity Tour:13133267_10100419519691397_5747399722161746351_n

May 10: Philly 
May 11: Washington, DC
May 13-14 New Orleans 
May 15: Austin TX
May 17: Phoenix AZ
May 19-20: LA 
May 22: San Francisco 
May 22-24 Portland 
May 26-27 Seattle 
May 30: Billings, MT
June 1st: Chicago 
June 2nd: Detroit 
June 4th: New York
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Instagram: @realhumanist
Facebook: Dignity Bags//Lolly Galvin
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