“This Kind of Love” documentary, Burma and Aung Myo Min

This Kind of Love is a documentary film currently being made in Burma

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 5.26.10 PMThe story revolves around Aung Myo Min, pictured below. Myo is a human rights defender, expert on child rights issues, effective civil society leader and openly gay man in the traditional culture of Burma where the term LGBT remains largely unknown. Read more about Myo and the film below, and stay tuned. We’ll be updating this post and adding others, including scenes from the film and an interview with filmmaker Jeanne Hallacy.

About Aung Myo Min

myo_office_agape_120607_2805_583Myo’s vision that human rights is for everyone – from children to transgender people to ethnic nationalities – makes This Kind of Love an offering of hope for the future. His work serves as a reminder that Democracy and Lovingkindness (Metta/Medda) by definition include ALL people. Myo has long found that his spiritual and life path must be of his own making.

He was the first openly gay member of the All Burma Student Democratic Front, the student army of youth who fled after the 1988 uprising.  Myo creates safe spaces for many in the LGBT community – who have long been shunned-  to meet and speak out. An expert on child rights issues, Myo champions the rights of child soldiers, laborers and migrants. Myo has offered these children and youth a chance to tell their stories through creative outlets such as theatre. He was also a tactical human rights campaigner and during his years of exile from Burma, speaking at UN forums from Geneva to New York to Brussels.

Now Myo is back in Burma, building new communities and training the new generation of activists about international human rights so his country can move forward.

This film provides a unique view of what Lovingkindness looks like in the town square, its unique role in human rights work and in creating meaningful political and social change in Burma.

Director Jeanne Hallacy filmed Myo’s journey over the past two years and is seeking funds to complete the final production and editing of the film and to launch an advocacy campaign to use the film for social change in Burma and internationally. This Kind of Love – Director’s Pitch from madnomad on Vimeo.

This Kind of Love was accepted by dana.io as 1 of 10 projects worldwide to seek funding through their site. Dana.io offers mindful crowdfunding for artists, authors and activists. View the campaign fundraising page on dana.io.

Watch the video of Aung yo Min lending his support to transgenders in Mandalay who suffered human rights violations by police in Mandalay.

View another video of a quick chat between Aung Myo Min and documentary filmmaker Jeanne Marie Hallacy before his dance performance


View a photo gallery of Aung Myo Min preparing for a dance performance, transgenders and interview with Jeanne Marie Hallacy

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