Lovingkindness 2.0 – Audio Samples

Do you have a certain "difficult" someone in your life whose face appears in your mind's eye way too often?

A certain someone you have a "history" with...
...a history that keeps re-writing itself -- over and over-- in your head?

A history of wounds that need to finally heal?
Or a history that isn't entirely written yet, that needs to move forward?
Or a history that needs to find closure-- finally-- but a closure that's healthy for both parties?
Or a relationship that will be okay for both parties-- once a clearcut line is drawn in the sand?
Or maybe you don't know what needs to happen with this difficult person, but you know that SOMETHING needs to happen?

Backstory: Brief description of my first experience with the work in Lovingkindness 2.0.

One participant’s reflection upon Lovingkindness 2.0’s impact on her relationships:

“So happy with the growth I experienced in LK 2.0. A fresh, honest view of myself and the person I chose to work with; I experienced a breakthrough in a personal relationship that will have long-lasting impact.”

During the four weeks of Lovingkindness 2.0, you’ll have the opportunity to: 
  • let go of baggage— thinking that no longer serves you and old, buried feelings you might not even know that you still harbor.
  • open up to those you want to deepen your connection with, such as work colleagues, members of your community or family members you’re not particularly close to.
  • let go of toxic relationships when you wisely know it’s time, and not just because you’re angry or afraid.
  • cultivate ways to safely and respectfully navigate challenging relationships, so they can improve— or, at the very least, be less harmful.


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The Inner Junkyard: A Selection from my talk in Module 1.
How others have grown from Lovingkindness 2.0:
  • They softened their armor – defensive, reactive and overly-protective behavior melted away.
  • They found genuine courage – not just “poker face” — but courage to really be present and show up in their relationships.
  • They cleared the clutter in their head – and witnessed a bigger picture of reality, where possibility actually exists
  • They sharpened their emotional intelligence – based on knowing how they really want to feel 
  • They deepened their personal meditation practice – learning a simple but powerful, more seasoned version of Lovingkindness Meditation to get real with themselves.
If Lovingkindness 2.0 is for you, it’s because:
  • You’ve practiced Lovingkindness Meditation, have found it beneficial and are now ready to find the courage to do the work to deepen, empower and authenticate your practice.
  • You have a relationship (partner, friend, family member, or even a difficult work colleague) that you sense can be more fulfilling and connected and (depending upon the nature of the relationship) perhaps even more committed.
  • You’re ready to own your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • You feel inspired to shift the dynamic of a relationship and want to learn how.
  • You’ve decided to release a relationship (to consciously uncouple or discontinue work with a certain colleague, for example) and would like to release the stories and baggage you’re holding onto about them so that you can move on with more clarity, freedom and velocity.


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One participant found the key to understanding a lot of the issues she had with other people:

“In all my thinking about relationship challenges, I had no idea how important forgiving myself was.”

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