Meditation is a Journey. Inner adventures await you.

Aim your compass. Travel light, improvise with confidence.

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Autumn 2018

What is Meditation Mapping? Why Mapping Your Meditation Journey is a good thing:

Meditation Mapping is what you might do before sitting down to a single session of practice…

Taking a moment to decide how you’ll practice, for how long, etc. Mapping a single journey of many journeys. 

Also a concept you’re likely to stumble upon if you guide others in meditation. You plan your way…

You type your guidance out as a script, draw a diagram with colored pencils, rehearse a practice your teacher taught you or record an audio improvisation–you’re like a tour guide, mapping out a meditation journey.

When you map out your meditation practice, you’re honing a skill set and learning to hold some handy tools, not just “learning how” to meditate.

Meditation-Mapping is dreaming from the center of who you are, dropping seeds in your imagination, cultivating a fertile field of practice that nourishes your life…and vice versa.

What do you want from your practice and from your life? Learn how to align these two intentions so they move together, helping each other.

1Planning a meditation journey is Inner Life Design.

Wandering your own unique inner terrain is the Ultimate Freedom.

The Ultimate Dominion.

Peek around every corner. Crawl through every tunnel.

Shine a light into the scary places, then enter, or not.

Get lost and find your way home.

But getting lost in meditation practice is risky without a map.

“Feeling lost without knowing what to do…”

This is one of the TOP reasons people give for why they fall out of practice.

Meditation Mapping is what I call the answer to this dilemma.




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Meditation Mapping helps you map out your meditation journey before you begin. Where you want to go and how you want to get there. After practice you record, or Re-Map where you actually went, what you actually found.

This is the Savvy Traveller Way to move through your Inner Terrain.

What You’ll Do:

1. Work as much or as little as you have time and inspiration for.

2.Work through a guidebook I’ve made with questions and prompts. Tap into what you really want and need from meditation. This guidebook is non-instructional. More like a journal that wants to inspire you, give you space to uncover your feelings and nudge you along lovingly.

3. Map out a broad meditation practice plan that breaks down into micro plans and practices, then continually adapt this plan based on what you learn from your own journaling + your actual practice experience + my support.

4. Your practice plan might incorporate a meditation that you already like. Or one you think you’ll like. If you don’t have a practice in mind, there’s a quick process to help you find one.

5. You’ll journal about what you would like to happen in practice, then what actually happens in practice. You’ll adjust your meditation practice plan accordingly, based on your actual experience.

6. You can work through the guidebook again and again, noting how your experience and practice changes each time.

7. You might try a lot of practices before finding one you want to work with longer term, or you might find one — or several– practices that fit you like a glove.

8. I’ll help you adapt your practice for 4 weeks.

9. You’ll also have other tools to help you along the way.

You might complete the 4 week journey with the same basic practice, only slightly more tailored to fit you. Or you might end up with a completely different practice that in no way resembles the one you started with.

What You’ll Get:

  • the option to participate in weekly calls for 4 weeks (recordings of calls will be emailed to you)
  • my 1:1 email support for 4 weeks
  • access to videos, audios and other media I’ve made to inspire and support you
  • optional membership in a Facebook group for community support and discussion with others on this journey
  • my quality attention because I’m limiting the number of spots available

Again, the guidebook with questions and prompts you’ll work through is yours to keep forever.

More about the guidebook:

  • It’s in .pdf form, type your answers directly into the document if you like working digitally –OR– print out to write in long hand –OR– both.
  • The writing is simple and lighthearted.
  • The intention is to inspire your quest for your best self as well as your creative self.
  • DEFINITELY not another “How to Meditate” instruction book. No dogma, no agenda except to allow you space to do your work.
  • evergreen design– created to be used over and over.

MEDITATION MAPPING has already helped dozens of people to:

  • work with stress, anxiety and the unique challenges they face, such as an erratic work schedule.
  • give themselves permission to play during practice rather than perform.
  • find the self-confidence to experiment in their practice.
  • be less pre-occupied with results and outcome, and embark on a journey of discovery instead.
  • discover a practice they loved– using the process of elimination, their own reflections, my support and guidance and their innate willingness to explore, which I call INNER WANDERLUST or INNER ADVENTURE.
  • learn about themselves, the truth of who they are on the deepest levels.

What Some of the First Mappers Say:

“Meditation Mapping is a one-of-a-kind experience that feeds you in a variety of ways, depending how you apply it and it never stops being useful. Anytime my current practice goes stale, I map a new one.”– Melissa, the first meditation-mapping beta tester

“Beyond designing, with Tina’s help, several meditation practices that I’ll carry with me forever, I learned loads about myself and the technical side of meditation. I now feel like I can teach it.”–  Marcine Perrine, Corporate Trainer, learned meditation-mapping via Skype

Imagining, practicing, archiving. Mapping and Re-Mapping. Building a practice + a story.


Ready to join?

The Meditation Mapping is the Inner Life version of a travel guide such as Lonely Planet or a Rough Guide. 

You get the down-low on what it’s like where you’re going…

what to do when you get there…

how to deal with common situations that occur there…

But you get more than an Inner Travel Guidebook. 

You have a vault of tools to guide you, weekly calls and the option to ask for my guidance via email.


How you’ll benefit from mapping out your meditation practice:
  • You’ll jumpstart a practice that you design.
  • You’ll find the natural alignment between your unique meditative tendencies and techniques.
  • You’ll start small, by practicing one session that feels so effortless that you’ll wonder if you were “doing it right”.
  • You’ll have a handy toolbox and you’ll know how to use those tools.
  • You’ll friend your practice and let it support you as well as nudge you along.
  • You’ll also have a real person to ask when you need direct assistance.
  • You’ll build journaling, experimentation, and forever beginning into the DNA of your practice.
  • You’ll be way more likely to realize the moment you’ve taken a path you really don’t want to take
Beginner-Meditator-Practitioner becomes Inner Life Designer, Conscious Mapmaker and Confident Improviser.


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What are some of the challenges that Mapping Your Journey can help to avoid or overcome?
  • You won’t have to rely on the “fake it till you make it” approach.
  • You’ll actually WANT to get lost in practice now and then.
  • You’ll find direct answers to specific, practical issues such as not having time to practice and falling asleep in practice.
  • You’ll have the tools and guidance you need–as well as a teacher–right at your fingertips.
A journey begins long before you hit the road. It begins the moment you feel ready to change.
Your meditation journey begins to form once you know where you no longer want to be. 
And where you want to go.
Mapping your Journey helps you get there quick, safe and with meaning.
If you’re looking for the Road Less Traveled, Mapping will help you find it.
Re-mapping, or recording each journey helps you map out Your Next Journey.
Mapping and Re-Mapping captures in raw form the Narrative of your Longer-Term Journey.

Grab one of the limited number of spots now


Thanks so much for your interest in this special offering. Amazing Inner Adventures await you!


Tina Foster, Creator of the Meditation-Mapping Toolkit

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