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What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Paying attention to what’s happening inside yourself, noticing thoughts and other mindstuff, emotions, body sensations or sensory perceptions; paying attention to external things, noticing what’s happening in your environment

Mindfulness is easiest or most natural for:
  • curious, watchful people 
  • good listeners and/or quiet people
  • people who learn from perception and paying attention
  • people who gain insight from what is happening inside and around them
  • people whose mind can be quiet and open enough to allow other, non-mental information to come through
Mindfulness is most challenging and most helpful:
  • when we’re easily distracted due to fatigue, stress, etc.
  • we’re prone to daydreaming
  • for ADD/ ADHD
  • for people who tend to avoid realities they’re not ready to face
  • trauma suffers
How you’ll benefits from practicing mindfulness meditation:
  • strengthen your awareness of whatever you direct it towards (environment, thoughts, breath, etc.)
  • be more present 
  • bolsters your self-confidence
  • you’ll feel more content even when life isn’t so great
Your Guided Mindfulness Meditation

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