The Secret Life of the Body Mudra Card Deck

Drawing a card from a deck can be a fun and, as a prompt to be inspired by, also lead you toward self-discovery…

Take a moment to center.

Feel the cards as your hands move over them.

Aware of the open space in your mind.

Draw a card. 


  • Which mudra did you get?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • how does it feeel in your hand(s) and overall body-mind?
  • How can this mudra help you right now, today, this week?

30 second video – drawing a mudra card.

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This First Edition of The Secret Life of the Body Mudra Card Deck was photographed by Tina Foster using her own hands as “models”.

  • 40 cards with bi-fold “booklet” and muslin drawstring pouch for safekeeping.
  • Cards and packaging are as GREEN as currently possible in the industry.
  • Purchasers also have access to an online database with more information about each mudra.
  • These cards are also a great supplement to the virtual course, “The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras”. (See link below for more info about the course)
From one of the first people to pre-order The Secret Life of the Body Card Deck…

Jenny Hakini mudra“My Secret Life of the Body Card Deck arrived yesterday and the cards are GORGEOUS!! So grateful to have these beauties to love and honor and enjoy. I shuffled and drew a card… the card I drew was Balanced Mind… what an incredibly decadent moment it was! Thank you so much for creating The Secret Life of the Body Virtual Course and this lovely Secret Life of the Body Card Deck.” — Jenny Dunham, co-founder of

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muladhara 897x1497-5
This mudra card deck was suggested by a participant in The Secret Life of the Body: MUDRAS Virtual course who said…

“There are so many great mudras in this course that I have difficulty choosing which one to practice. I need a deck of cards to draw from! — Karen Sullivan, Spiritual Director, San Francisco, CA



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More Mudras:

JUST RELEASED! New Mudra Reference Guide

  • all 40 mudras in the deck
  • collected into a 5 x 8 inch book!


More info about The Secret Life of the Body: MUDRAS virtual course here.

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