“Training the Wisdom Body,” Meditative Movement with Rose Taylor Goldfield
Interview with Lolly Galvin of Dignity Project
Catherine Just Photo Gallery
Interview with Catherine Just
Music as Presence by Molly Knight Forde
Molly Knight Forde Music- Listen
The Evolution from Anger to Spiritual Activism
Activism Burnout and Back Again
Activist, Baby, I Was Born This Way
Aung Myo Min Photo Gallery: Dance Performance, Transgender in Burma 2014
Guided Contemplation- Unity Consciousness

“Training the Wisdom Body,” Meditative Movement with Rose Taylor Goldfield

Training the Wisdom Body Cover--original

This interview is the first of a 3 part series.

This first part shines light on Meditative Movement as taught by Rose Taylor-Goldfield in her brilliant book Training the Wisdom Body: Buddhist Yogic Exercise. That’s Rose above in the cover photo. The “Dancing Warrior” stance she’s demonstrating is explored in greater detail below.

This book will help enlighten even the earliest explorations of physical yoga and meditation. It’s also great for teachers, or anyone who takes on the challenge of talking about the practical and psychological as one. The integration of breath, movement and mind is so natural and clear in Rose’s explanation.

I interviewed Rose in her home, looking out upon the San Francisco cityscape on a sunny early-Springtime day. We talked about her Buddhist background, her teachers, this special type of Tibetan Buddhist exercise, the ideas grounding it and the Wisdom Sun community she co-directs with her husband Ari.

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Interview with Lolly Galvin of Dignity Project


Lolly Galvin of Dignity Project

I became acquainted with Lolly Galvin of Dignity Project when she signed up for a free heart centered meditation course I was doing online.
Lolly is basically living out the principles of that course in her life. She went on to create The Dignity Project, basically on a lark. The Dignity Project has literally been an overnight success since Lolly had the first idea for it just a couple of months ago. She tells the story below.
She’s been taking homeless people to dinner, passing out Dignity Bags (bags of essentials like deodorant and nail clippers, tampons for women).
What is especially amazing is that every bit of the money from Dignity Project’s crowd funding goes to the homeless.
13116784_1739074099696869_117688819_nThe lesson Lolly and Dignity Project live out every day is that we get these great ideas about how we can change the world, and then we think that our idea is too naïve to idealistic and say it will never work. Lolly is proving that sometimes idealism is real and even practical. Go Lolly!!!
Head over to her Instagram and follow her. And donate to Dignity Project! Five dollars buys a homeless person at dignity bag .
It’s exciting to watch her project grow so rapidly. She records the giving, so you know where the money is going. Who knows how far she could go? Again, here’s her page with all the info about her project.

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Catherine Just Photo Gallery

Early Work & Selections from the Series “Chasing the Fog: Learning to Breathe” by Catherine Just

This photo gallery accompanies an interview with Catherine Just about Photography and Deep Seeing, the meaning behind her photos, the story of how she got into her photography and her life with her son, Max.

“Learning how to express what’s going on underneath the surface of my every day life through images was life changing. I was very insecure and through this medium, I was able to find a way to express visually what was so painful for me to express verbally…So the work I’m doing is just my own style, mainly using self portraiture and objects to metaphorically discuss the underworld, the shadow, the conversations that go unsaid, the river that’s running underneath what’s seen.”

Catherine’s website is www.catherinejust.com
Find her on Instagram @cjust



Interview with Catherine Just

“Don’t Leave Before the
Miracle Happens” 
Photography and Meditative Seeing

an Interview with Photographer Catherine Just


Catherine Just biophoto

I’m delighted to share with you an interview I did with Catherine Just over a few days of email conversation.

I first became aware of Catherine’s photography a few years ago. The first photos I saw were portraits– as well as other photos, some of which can be viewed in this photo gallery.

No descriptions or captions were attached to those first photos I saw. I was drawn in. 

Something deep called out from each one, asking to be witnessed. Viewing these photos took me to a more distant and mysterious place in myself. Echoes and whispers of questions, and a silent knowing beyond words.

My eventual asking of Catherine for an interview was one of the first times I’d ever reached out to someone I’d never had even a brief online conversation with. So reaching out was humbling and took some nerve.

Later, I joined her 4 week photo challenge called “The Daily Miracle” (#thedailymiracle) on Instagram and got to know her a little bit then. In the Daily Miracle, Catherine created such a positive, creative, non-threatening atmosphere encouraged hundreds of participants to be intentional in their approach and to see below the surface of their subject.

I’m so grateful to Catherine for taking the time to share her thoughts and feelings about art, photography, her life story, photography as presence and her beautiful son Max. Her responses were so thoughtful, complete and have basically no resistance in their energy. Just openness and sharing.

I hope you enjoy her words and her photography as much as I do.

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Music as Presence by Molly Knight Forde

Guest Post written by Concert Pianist Molly Knight Forde

I use playing the piano as one of my daily meditation practices because it requires total presence of body, feelings and mind. When everything is lined up, playing the piano becomes a profound event where deeper emotion moves me and I am part of something greater than myself.

The execution of the notes can take months to bring up to tempo and perfect. I must zero in on 4 or 5 difficult measures of music that don’t seem to be working at speed and analyse what the physical problem may be. This professional level of playing requires the utmost efficiency of movement and tremendous relaxation. Too much tension will affect the sound, the flow and the tempo.

I must have a zen like presence to deeply notice the physical status of my body right down to the tips of my fingers and how they make contact with the keys. Playing the piano requires this kind of physical focus.

If I can be present with each movement while engaging a listening feedback loop, I have a seemingly perfect system, but listening after the fact is too late.

I need to be so present that my creative force goes ahead of my fingers and tells them exactly how I want to produce a sound to create any effect. My refined technique becomes the perfect vehicle for spontaneity and direct expression from the heart.

I can only do this if I am in the present moment. Read More

Molly Knight Forde Music- Listen

Listen to concert pianist Molly Knight Ford play music by Debussy and Couperin. 

The Evolution from Anger to Spiritual Activism


Photo Credit: Third Eye Arts

This post about my evolution to spiritual activism is the third in a three part series. You can read part one here and part two here:

In 1998 I discovered Yoga, Buddhism and Meditation. Over time, they became my self-care and then my spiritual practices.

Buddhism began to transform the way I saw the world, other people and myself. Compassion became a major intention in my life– along with concepts like interconnection and non-attachment. My relationship to activism began to shift.

My desire for change began to come from a place of love and compassion instead of anger and judgement.

I still ache to heal our world.

But I’ve discovered another way to to go about activism, what I call Pro-Activism, commonly called Spiritual Activism or Engaged Buddhism. Read More

Activism Burnout and Back Again

Scan_Pic0043In my first post I described how I was born and raised in Activism.

My early years as an activist, I was what some may call a pretty ‘hard core”. The stereotypical “angry activist”.

I had alot of anger as a result of my less than perfect childhood.

In those early days I hadn’t yet realized where this anger was rooted and I used my activism to channel my rage. Read More

Activist, Baby, I Was Born This Way


My Mom getting Political


I was raised by a single Mom, until age 14 when I left home.

She was a feminist, humanitarian, writer, independent thinker and activist– so I came by my activist nature honestly.

It was a common event in my home to have groups of her engaged friends sitting around the kitchen table, passionately discussing current affairs or injustices and hatching plans to raise awareness.

My mother had no trouble speaking her mind, rocking the boat, or standing up for herself or others who could not. So, naturally, she raised her daughters the same way.

My childhood is full of stories of me defending the underdog or being sent to the office for asking too many questions of my teachers.

As I grew older, the injustices of the world entered my radar and I took certain causes to heart. As an empath, I felt others’ pain very deeply and tried to use my scrappy nature to help.

My earliest protests were often solo. Read More

Aung Myo Min Photo Gallery: Dance Performance, Transgender in Burma 2014

Aung Myo Min Photo Gallery

Photos of Aung Myo Min preparing for a dance performance, transgenders, interview with documentary filmmaker Jeanne Marie Hallacy in Burma 2014. Photoshoot in conjunction with a documentary film by Jeanne called This Kind of Love about Aung Myo Min and his human rights work with children and LGBTQ.


Guided Contemplation- Unity Consciousness

 Practice Unity Consciousness Contemplation with Nyk Danu

In the video linked below (filmed at an Evolver Event in Canada) Nyk Danu walks you through a guided contemplation designed to evoke unity consciousness. She also shares a couple of easy tips to bring you out of separation and anger, and back into love and compassion in the moment.

(To skip the Introduction and go directly to the guided practice, start at about 3:25.)


Other posts by Nyk Danu:

“A Rebel’s Road to Meditation” 

“Activist, Baby I Was Born this Way”

“Evolution from Anger to Spiritual Activism”




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