The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras- Day 7


Day 7: 

Prompt for today: Theory vs. Practice with a Two-fingered Mudra

Listen to this brief audio “talk” then explore the prompt.

Now, test your knowledge– both theoretical and experiential, both mundane and exceptional– as a way to learn even more and to deepen your connection to the work and your inner world.

Using what you’ve learned about the Five Fingers/ Elements/ Mudras, explore this:

You know what each finger/element does when it connects to the thumb.

Now. Look through the mudra database of 35 Mudras for those that combine two fingers touching the thumb.

Then, once you’ve chosen your two-fingered mudra, combine what you know about each of the two individual fingers/elements. DON’T HOLD THE MUDRA YET.

Record somehow– jot it down in your journal, for example– what you THINK the mudra will feel like/ do.

Then, warm up your hands and hold your two fingered mudra for five minutes at least.

Notice what unfolds.

Record what actually happens in your felt experience of the mudra.



What else?

Record what you discover.

Have fun in your mudra lab!

For review & reference of Five Fingers / Elements / Mudras
For reference, the Five Fingers / Elements / Mudras, Order of Evolution & Tendencies Chart

full chart element mudras

For reference, the Five Elemental Mudras in Order of Evolution Chart

Five Elemental Mudras-4

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