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  We’re looking for all kinds of submissions relating to meditation. High-quality photos, video, audio recordings, writing- journalistic or creative.

Right now, we’re especially on the lookout for these kinds of media in posts:

  • Video posts- anything from guided practice to vlogposts about meditation
  • Photo essays- photo series that document a story or experience with very few words

And these kinds of post categories and themes:

  • Guest Posts- all content in the post is totally yours- share your work with our audience
  • Posts in any medium about people with a meditation practice who might otherwise be considered unlikely meditators due to their work or other life circumstances
  • Posts about people with interesting but somewhat unconventional meditation practices (but not to the point of being kooky or outlandish)

Got content? Submit your work or you may Email Us us for more information about submitting.

Know someone you want to share this with? Share liberally.

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Tina Foster

Meditation Guide, Mentor and Program Designer. Teacher's Teacher. Based in San Francisco, works out of her private studio in the Mission District and leads meditation everywhere - on retreats, in yoga studios and in corporate offices. She lives with her partner Patrick Ryan - a surfer, musician and entertainment lawyer. Her online calling card website is:

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